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"Development is a cornerstone for Leadership"

                                                                                                                                             -Eddie Mac



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Watch & Learn

This exciting development course is educational, engaging, and entertaining. Watch, listen, and learn as Tony & Chad come to life and teach you how to Harness the Power of leading with strong Relationships!

The Quiz

At the end of each chapter you are required to complete a short quiz with a passing score of 100%. After successful completion you will be allowed to continue to the next chapter.

 Become Certified

After successfully completing the course you will be certified in Relationship Leadership principles and awarded a certificate of completion.

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There is no time limit to complete the course. Simply Sign In at when you have time to work on earning your certification.


Leadership Development Course

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"Across the broad spectrum of Leadership, this book hits dead center on its usefulness and importance."


Professor N,W. Lees

Columbia Southern University

"The concepts explained and the information provided in Relationship Leadership are timeless."


Dr. James H. Schindler, DBA (ret.)

Dept. Head, Air Force Management Studies

Civilian Leadership Development School

Maxwell AFB, AL

Author of Followership: What It Takes to Lead

"The ideas, concepts, behaviors, and approaches are extremely pertinent and applicable to a Leader's role and effectiveness at any level."


Dr. Rod Grissett

Maxillofacial Surgeon

"Great book for anyone ready to lead people. I wish I had this book years ago when I started my company."


Donnie Roberts

Owner/Broker ReMax Realty Group

"It was a great book for any upcoming supervisor!!! As a combat team leader in Afghanistan, I understand the importance of great communication between you and your troops. They have to trust and respect you!!! This is a must read!!!!"


Det. Eric Jackson (ret.)


"This book is a must read for individuals in supervisory roles. Excellent points made on all fronts of leadership! This book was well written, but put together in an easily understood script!"


Sgt. Justin Rundles

Kentucky State Police

Course Sample

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4 Principles
Relationship Leadership is guided by four core principles that are supported by a collection of fundamental principles. This structure will help you easily understand, relate, recall, and use Relationship Leadership principles daily! 
Will you follow someone that can’t get the message
across and won’t listen to you?
Will you follow someone that doesn’t care about you
and doesn’t treat you well?
Will you follow someone that you can't trust, isn't fair,
and doesn't always do the right thing?
Will you follow someone that you have no bond
with and don’t like?

"Leadership is always a matter of Relationships"

                                                                                                                                                -Eddie Mac



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This is Eddie Mac's FREE gift to you for stopping by and sharing part of your day..

Tony & Chad

These are our main characters, Anthony, and Chadwick. However, in effort to keep it simple, they are referred to as Tony and Chad.

Throughout the Relationship Leadership book Tony and Chad are placed in the same scenario(s) and with equal Leadership roles. But, they are not in competition with each other.

You will learn how effective Tony is at Harnessing the Power of Relationship Leadership principles and how ineffective Chad is without Relationship Leadership principles to guide him. 

Eddie Mac
As the author of Relationship Leadership, it is Eddie Mac's goal to provide you with a simple, practical, and straightforward approach to learning how to lead with strong Relationships.

Is a witty and entertaining perspective that will change the way you lead others, and serve as the cornerstone for your success as a powerful Relationship leader!

Relationship Leadership

Simple and Powerful

If you are new to the Leadership arena, this is the Simplest and most Powerful Leadership book that you will ever read! It's fun, insightful, non-industry specific, culturally diverse, inclusive, and focused on how new leaders just like you can lead with strong Relationships.

Join Eddie Mac as you spend time at the Woo-Woo factory learning how the two main characters handle Leadership differently. One always uses Relationship Leadership principles, while the other goes his own way and is a disaster. From this, YOU will learn how to be an Awesome Leader, or Really Suck at It. The choice is yours!


Available in Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook.

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Relationship Leadership

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